A third of children in Ireland ‘have never climbed a tree’

Posted on March 7th, 2016

A survey of parents has revealed that almost a third (31%) of children in Ireland have never climbed a tree.

The RED C poll for ESB Tree Week also found that one in 10 have never even visited a forest or wooded area.

Showcasing the growing disconnect Irish people have with trees, ESB brought parents and children through local woodlands, assessing their behaviour and asked both groups, “Why are trees important?”

While parents were distracted by their phones and focused on the functional aspect of trees, in stark contrast, the children came to life when surrounded by them.

The journey was brought to life in a short film titled ‘Wood for the Trees’.

The research found that 82% of the respondents commenting that walking through a forest has a calming effect on them.

The findings of the survey also reveal that parents claim nearly half (48%) of Irish children spend more time in front of a screen than outdoors.

RED C interviewed a random representative sample of 1,002 adults aged 18+ by phone between February 18-22.

Running from March 6-13, ESB Tree Week hopes to reignite the nation’s love of trees through hundreds of events all over the country.

The purpose of the week is to encourage people to go outside, learn about, grow, and most importantly enjoy trees.

This year, the Irish public are invited to share their personal tree stories using the #ESBTreeWeek campaign hashtag.

It is being organised by The Tree Council of Ireland, supported by Coillte and sponsored by ESB.

Pat O’Doherty of ESB said: “Tree Week is a good fit for ESB because it reflects the spirit of what we stand for in terms of promoting sustainability, respecting nature and supporting communities right across Ireland.

“ESB Tree Week provides an opportunity to remind people why trees matter, and together with the Tree Council of Ireland, we are encouraging people to take the time to appreciate them, either by learning about them, planting them or just simply getting out into the fresh air to enjoy them.”

Kevin Hutchinson, President of the Tree Council of Ireland said: “This year’s ESB Tree Week promises to be the biggest one yet with hundreds of events happening around the country to celebrate trees.

“We hope that people of all ages are able to get out and enjoy their local events.

“With the support of ESB we have been able to reach out further and deeper into communities to demonstrate the benefits of trees and get more people involved than ever before.”

“Coillte is delighted to be providing the 15,000 native Irish trees which are at the heart of the events taking place around the country between the sixth and 13th March. Coillte has donated approx. 450,000 trees since Tree Week began and has been a proud supporter of the event and of the Tree Council of Ireland for 30 years.”

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Get Yourself Some Free Adventure!

Posted on February 2nd, 2016

Zipit Forest Adventures Opens its Doors for the Season on February 13th!

Every one of us has an inner adventurous side so mark your calendar and unleash it at Zipit Forest Adventures at Lough Key, Roscommon, Tibradden Wood, Dublin or Farran Wood, Cork. Or if you’re feeling really adventurous try all three!

At Zipit we thrive on adventure so we’re offering 3 free tickets every day for the next 10 days….we like to share.

Check us out shortly on Facebook or Twitter for the chance to win free tickets.

See you in the treetops and discover your inner adventure!

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Sorry….We’re Closed!

Posted on December 10th, 2015

Well, it’s been an adventurous season but all good things must come to and end.

We’re closed until mid-February 2016 and look forward to seeing our adventurous customers in the treetops then. Thanks to you all for a fantastic year and we look forward to seeing you soon.




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Take a Deep Breath!

Posted on October 20th, 2015

What does Dublin have to offer? Check out the video and see for yourself, just don’t blink as it’s jam packed with something for everyone….including Zipit!



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The Church Bar Visits Zipit

Posted on September 16th, 2015

Thinking of Things To Do In Dublin? Zipit Forest Adventure in Tibradden Wood is probably, most definitely, one of the best ways to spend the day!! It really is an action packed, fun filled day! It was just a barrel of laughs from the word go! It really is much more than Zip Lining!”.

So says Meabh from  The Church Bar who visited recently and let us know what they thought.


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We Want You….on our Team!

Posted on January 8th, 2015

We want you… for our team!. A Zipit Instructor is a physically and mentally challenging job, involving fun, lots of laughs and adventure on the ground and up in the treetops. If you’re enthusiastic (tick), great with customers (tick) and love the outdoors (tick) then Zipit is perfect for you.

Spread the Word – tell your friends!


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Zipit – A Customer’s Perspective

Posted on July 17th, 2014

One of the Best Tourist Attractions in Ireland


Ireland is an incredible country. It is a land full of opportunity, excitement and has a great sense of adventure. Speaking of adventure, today I made a visit to Lough Key Forest and Activity Park. This popular tourist attraction is located in Boyle, Co. Roscommon. Lough Key has for many centuries drawn people to its spectacular views, abundant wildlife, historic buildings and evocative islands. This beautiful landscape is steeped in a rich history. However one activity that takes place within this park has made it one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ireland, Zipit forest adventures which offers up to 4 hours of tree-top, fun-filled, adventure challenge in a healthy, outdoor setting for adults and children from age 7. Some challenges include climbing poles and walls, swinging into cargo nets, balancing on a rope bridge, hurtling down a zip wire and even riding a BMX across a treetop bridge! Sounds fun doesn’t it.

Today was my fourth visit to Zipit and you’re probably thinking, does it not get boring after a while? Maybe if you go every month. It was a year since I had last made the trip and every time I visit I still find it very enjoyable.

It is very accessible especially for us living in Sligo, it takes just 45 minutes for us drive to the park from our home. However people from all over the country come to camp overnight or for a day trip. For example we came across people from Cork and I had a conversation while tackling one of the courses with two people from Offaly and Waterford who had a made a two hour journey just to experience Zipit.

Zipit also have a second course in Tibradden, Dublin 16, if you are looking for a better alternative but I would recommend the Lough Key course as it offers so much along with Zipit.

I would recommend Zipit Forest Adventures to all families who have a sense of adventure. If I have been successful in convincing you to visit this spectacular tourist attraction Enjoy!

Many Thanks to Sam from all at Zipit for taking the time to document his experiences at Zipit. To see the original blog check him out at http://sammypjw.tumblr.com/  

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Zipit Rolls Out Online Booking

Posted on June 9th, 2014

The Zipit team took some time out from swinging through the treetops to develop an online booking engine so our customers can check availability at our courses and reserve their preferred date/time at their leisure.

We will miss talking to you all as we enjoyed hearing your comments over the phone so feel free to call us every now and then to let us know how you’re getting on!


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Hot Press names Zipit one of Ireland’s Best!

Posted on May 19th, 2014

Bucket lists are great, nothing like planning all the fun things you want to do before you shuffle off into oblivion. Except planning can be a lot of work and not much fun. So HotPress magazine have done the groundwork and published their Bucket List Special – Top Things To Do Before We Expire.

And the good news is that Zipit Forest Adventures have made the list, check out the details in the current magazine, on sale in shops now.

“Ladies and gentlemen, for your delectation and enjoyment, we’ve put together a collection of special, unique, quirky and, ultimately, unmissable experiences that are available nationwide. Featuring activities to appeal to those who crave adventure; who want to do something new and challenging; or who are simply determined to fully and properly unwind by resting up in a special place, we guarantee that if you dip in here, you will discover how to spoil yourself, while enjoying some of the greatest experiences the country has to offer.

It is time, surely, to scratch some of those must-dos off your bucket list. We say: go for it!”


Enough said, time to start ticking ticking them off!

HotPress Bucket List - Zipit

HotPress Bucket List - Zipit

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Jovian-Plutonian Gravitation Effect Closes Ziplines

Posted on April 1st, 2014

Zipit Forest Adventures announced today that its Treetop Adventure Courses will remain open but that it will close its ziplines on Tuesday between 2:15pm and 3:47pm at Lough Key Forest Park and Tibradden Wood. The extraordinary astronomical event caused by the planet Pluto passing directly behind Jupiter will mean that the negating effect of the gravitational forces will cause people to temporarily weigh less and counteract the natural motion of the ziplines. This will last for approximately 90 – 100 minutes at which point the ziplines will reopen to the public.

However, customers need not worry as we will provide quad bike transport at the start of each zipline to ferry customers to the end of the zipline and resume their activities in the treetops. Customers will also notice that it will take longer to reach the ground from the base jumps because of the reduced weight effect but this will not affect the overall enjoyment of the activity.

More information on this amazing phenomenon can be found at http://bit.ly/O8lSqJ

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